About Us

Climbly was created in 2012 by a group of students who felt that there should be a better, more personal way of learning about colleges. Rather than analyzing drab statistics about student to faculty ratios or alumni giving rankings, we believe that conversations with a current college students can often reveal far more about the college experience.

Our product lets you chat with current college students as well as alumni, professors, and staff. You can ask them questions about the culture, quality of teaching, extracurricular activities and they'll give you an answer on the spot...no need to browse through thousands of forums or books to find the answers you need. You can filter the individuals you chat with by major, native language, hobbies, and hometown, so that your chats are relevant and meaningful.

The product is free. So go out and explore... learn about different colleges and find the best ones for you.

The Climbly Team